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In many organizations, 20-40% of frontline workers will leave within the first 90 days of a new job
because of lack of communication with their employer.

Issues cited include not being able to get assistance with issues and
not being able to get critical questions answered.


*cost of replacement may also include lost knowledge costs, training costs, etc.

Anthill directly addresses the communication driver of worker turnover, but if turnover is an area of special importance for your workforce goals, our product can help you identify the other drivers of turnover for your organization which can lead to an even greater reduction in turnover costs.


Frontline managers or operational teams are often the only source of information if a worker needs to get questions answered. Because these questions are asked and answered on an individual basis, many organizations spend hours on repetitive workforce support tasks. Hours can be saved by automating these tasks and managers can focus on the most critical parts of their jobs.

The average HR/Operation center call time is 6.5 minutes per call.

On Anthill, we average 16-24 conversations initiated per user per month.

Opportunity Cost:

Minutes per month

Hours per month

Days per month

Daily cost of answering repetitive questions

Annual cost of answering repetitive questions without a scalable communication system built for the frontline


You have invested in software solutions but not all of your frontline workers can
or do access it. 20% of frontline workers don’t have a smartphone.

Even more won’t download or use an employer app.
Fewer use email or work at computers. For many frontline workers, the only regular technology channel they use is text-messaging. The following is a conservative estimate of increased software adoption when Anthill is offered.

Anthill averages an over 95% subscription rate with frontline workers.

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