As a national staffing agency, RemX connects job seekers with employers to find the right person for the right job at the right time. The company values its employees and looked for a solution to fill the gaps in communication that it was experiencing with its frontline workers.

The Problem

RemX was in a season of growth — hiring so many workers in a short time that key leaders recognized its communications were not reaching the entire workforce. It became clear that they needed a text messaging solution to create a more compliant communication channel while also helping to ease staffing issues.

Leadership wanted to engage employees from day one of hire and lighten the lift on staff members as they on-boarded new colleagues — a process that included paperwork, training, and equipment set up. Previous on-boarding and engagement tactics were falling flat with team leaders limited on time and resources. Backlogs of voicemails and full email inboxes left HR team leads short staffed and unable to engage with new hires or follow-up at critical  30-, 60-, and 90-day milestones. This lack of connection was impacting their knowledge of employee availability and sentiment.

RemX was also gearing up to send new frontline employees their equipment directly to their homes rather than having workers pick it up in person as they had done in the past. This was a new corporate process that was needed to roll into onboarding.

Anthill’s Texting Solution for RemX

RemX’s exponential growth required an adaptable, scalable onboarding solution that could deliver information, poll frontline employees and ensure that all equipment and training materials were delivered and understood by each new worker. Anthill evaluated RemX’s current product offerings and understood the value a custom survey tool would create for frontline managers and workers to be able to share their thoughts in bite-sized text questions and responses.

Anthill deployed its customizable survey tool first with RemX team leaders in order to easily deploy custom survey questions for unique internal communication campaigns. The Anthill product and customer success team also delivered the added benefit of allowing RemX and future frontline managers the ability of either deploying custom surveys immediately or scheduling for an auto-deployment that best aligned with their department’s shift schedule. The surveys can now be tailored to fit each company’s unique pain points or campaign objectives.

Anthill’s survey tool was also used by RemX leadership to schedule 90 days worth of text messages – something that had not been done previously — for new employees to:

  • Receive pre-day 1 hiring reminders
  • Collect feedback
  • Receive friendly reminders to build employee engagement
  • Access tools and resources RemX offers from Day 1 through Day 90
  • Ensure employees received their equipment and instructions were understood for equipment setup
  • Establish a 24/7 helpline with RemX admins

Since adding the custom survey campaign functionality, Anthill’s customer success team now also provides onboarding campaign templates and best practices to customers about when best to schedule surveys, how much text is the right text and communication tactics to stay compliant.


Following deployment of custom onboarding surveys to over 900 employees within a 30-day timeframe, RemX staffing team leaders learned through the Anthill dashboard that employees felt more informed and had a clearer understanding of the onboarding process, as well as how they could receive help if needed.

Frontline employees also let team leaders know that they received their equipment and were able to manage the setup process, or ask questions. Deploying the surveys proved to be an effective staffing tool that saved leadership time and highlighted the importance of clear communications to increase efficiency of day-to-day operations.

The RemX team’s adoption of the Anthill survey tool also led to expanding its use of the Anthill platform across several departments and thousands of users in multiple locations within the company. Anthill continues to grow its product to be the most accessible and inclusive internal communication resource for frontline staffing.

“Anthill is a lifesaver for my team. It’s that simple. When your company grows quickly, retaining workers and establishing personal connections with your employees can seem impossible. For our team, it’s not a struggle to onboard hundreds of people. Now, we consistently engage with all new employees through Anthill’s texting solution.”


Why Did RemX Choose Anthill?

RemX chose Anthill because of its efficiencies for HR and operations team members, ease of use for frontline employees and its data-backed channel for onboarding deployment.

As an early adopter, RemX was invaluable to the development of the Anthill product. Prior to Anthill, RemX was searching for an internal communication channel to reach employees and found that options were focused primarily on office workers or relied on a downloadable app. Employee recipients and senders from the RemX team began communicating via Anthill texts and it was their product use that led the Anthill team to identify and build additional features that would streamline support for their frontline workforce. Anthill’s texting platform achieved a higher employee adoption rate with workers consistently responding, sending messages to find the answers they needed and relaying concerns or issues they were facing. Including language translation and onboarding campaigns strengthened the company’s ability to put resources into the hands of each and every employee.

From day one, Anthill has built a secure solution that has proven effective for the RemX team — with more than 97% of RemX frontline employees opting into Anthill and users averaging more than 22 unique conversations per month. Anthill’s customer success team is as excited as RemX for each connection with a frontline employee. Helping to bridge communication gaps in the workplace and creating personal connections with leadership and individual employees is what Anthill is all about.

The onboarding process can be a struggle for everyone from small HR departments to companies who need to scale for hundreds of frontline employees. Whether you are looking for a system to help you as you grow your workforce, encourage employee recognition, streamline communication processes, remove the burden from frontline management, reduce turnover, or support employees with an effective channel to flag emergencies, Anthill is here to help.

In just a few short weeks, Anthill was able to support the RemX team to:

  • Onboard 900 employees within a 30-day timeframe
  • Provide new employees with consistent onboarding support  throughout their first 90 days
  • Arrange employee equipment for delivery
  • Survey employees with custom questions pertaining to equipment receipt and onboarding
  • Collect valuable, constructive feedback that enhanced future onboarding campaigns and increased employee retention
  • Increase time efficiencies for HR managers and team leaders
  • Clear inboxes with automatic resolution of frequently asked questions