You start searching for software that can help solve the issues you’re facing. Before you know it, you’re buried in options, each one claiming to be the best there is. 

Believe me—we get it. 

And let’s face it: you don’t have time for countless demos and sales calls. You need to know exactly what a new tool does and how it matches up with your needs. Some concrete numbers on its effectiveness wouldn’t hurt, either. 

At Anthill, we’ve got nothing to hide. We believe that when employers resource and care about their deskless workers, everyone wins. When you use Anthill, employees are happier and more engaged, so they perform better and stick around longer. Employers benefit from higher productivity and employee retention, in addition to saving tons of time and money on repetitive tasks.

Here’s how Anthill saves companies time and money every single day. 

What is Anthill and how does it help?

Anthill is an all-in-one software platform that helps organizations communicate with, engage, and retain deskless and frontline employees. 

Our core Anthill product, connects your deskless employees to company resources through text messaging. By enabling two-way, 24/7 communication with employees, you create deeper connections. Your on-the-go workers—warehouse employees, baristas, delivery drivers, and many more—gain access to resources that help them do their jobs better. They’re better connected to the benefits and perks you offer.

Put simply, effective employee communication enables connection and trust, which leads to engagement, retention, and wellbeing.

There are two main areas where Anthill customers see a big impact in time and money savings: managerial time and employee retention. 

  • Does your team need easier access to HR resources? Anthill will help. 
  • Do your managers need a better way to communicate with dispersed staff? Anthill will help. 
  • Do you want to decrease the amount of time your leaders spend answering redundant questions? Anthill will help. 

You can book a demo of Anthill right now—but feel free to read on for hard numbers showing the return on investment commonly experienced by our existing customers.

How Anthill saves managerial time

Because they’re so routine, most people don’t realize how many of the same questions and issues managers deal with every day. It’s just part of the job. But once those questions and issues stop being so regular, it becomes crystal clear how much time managers were spending on basic and repetitive questions.

For Anthill clients, that amount of time is a whopping five hours per manager per day

Yep, you read that right: when companies start using Anthill to improve employee communication, they free up an average of five hours per day for each of their managers. That’s twenty-five hours per week that managers get back and can invest into more meaningful work—the things that will really improve their teams’ performance and productivity!

Your managers are spending a ton of time and money answering repetitive questions. Let’s look at an example with some typical numbers.

Imagine a warehouse that has one plant manager and three shift managers:

Plant Manager$84/hour
Shift Manager$17/hour
Shift Manager$17/hour
Shift Manager$17/hour

At five hours per day, that’s $675 being paid every day to answer questions that could be answered automatically with Anthill’s innovative technology. Consider a whole year: 

Per day$675
Per five day week$3,375
Per 52 week year$175,500

That’s $175,500 paid out each year for time spent on tasks that aren’t moving your company forward. If you have multiple plants where this is happening, that amount quickly skyrockets. It’s a massive amount of money, but it’s also a ton of time your leaders could be spending on far more useful work. 

Keep in mind that these numbers don’t even include the salary paid to those asking the questions! 

Here’s another scenario that might be familiar: 

Say a forklift driver calls in sick and is going to miss their shift. Because their role requires a specific license, their manager can’t fill that spot with just anyone. So they’re left spending hours calling around to find someone who can take the shift. 

But not if they’re using Anthill. 

While a call off is always going to be inconvenient, with Anthill the manager can text an entire group of employees to see who’s available and has forklift certification. In just five or ten minutes—instead of hours—a replacement is lined up and the manager is on to more important things. 

If you’re wondering whether investing in Anthill’s service will pay off for your organization, hopefully these numbers alleviate any doubt. For most companies, it’s only 2-3 months before the investment brings a positive return. 

How Anthill helps with employee retention

Every employer knows there’s almost nothing as expensive as a high turnover rate. 

Because each new hire involves posting jobs, interview time, paying recruiters, and more, the average cost to hire a new employee is in the $3000-5000 range. If an employer has 1,000 employees and experiences an average 20% or so turnover rate, that means 200 employees are being replaced each year. 

I’ll do the math for you: that’s between $600k and a million dollars spent just on backfilling open roles each year! Not one dollar of that is actually paying the salary of someone doing good work at your company. That figure also doesn’t include the lost productivity caused by employees constantly leaving.

Turnover hemorrhages money that could be spent much more strategically. That’s where Anthill comes in. 

Because our technology builds trust and communicates value by connecting deskless employees to company resources, our users see an average increase in employee retention of 40%

If the employer with 1000 employees only has to hire 120 new people per year (rather than 200), that’s $240-400k saved right off the bat. They’ll also benefit from more engaged and experienced team members, which usually translates to higher productivity and growth. 

Retaining more employees is a direct way to save money and improve profitability across your organization.

Become an employer of choice

You can’t afford to waste managerial time. You especially can’t afford a high turnover rate, because with twice as many jobs open as workers available in today’s market, it’s harder than ever to fill those roles. Anthill helps you avoid both of these pitfalls.

Ultimately, what Anthill can do is help you become an employer of choice. By using Anthill to open communication lines, to increase transparency and feedback, and to build a culture of trust, you’ll set yourself above your competition and become an organization where people are excited to work. 

Book a demo with Anthill and become an employer of choice today! 

Lawrence Barker

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