Hospitality Communication

Communicating and engaging hospitality workers has never been easier. With Anthill, enable access to internal communications and company resources you’ve already paid for.

Hospitality Employee Communications Feature Graphic

Instant and auditable communications

Increase adoption of software and systems

Enterprise-grade data protection

Auto translates into over 110 languages

Decrease costly churn

Intranet access 24/7 on any device

Hospitality workers are the directors of first impressions with your customers. If they don’t feel safe, happy and well-cared for, how can they relate those feelings to your guests? Anthill makes it easy for hospitality management and workers to share scheduling information quickly, provide first-day expectations, and around-the-clock resources in the language they most prefer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the U.S. economy to add 8.3 million jobs from 2021 to 2031. Of those, 1.9 million jobs — 23.1 percent of all new jobs projected — are expected to be in leisure and hospitality. Are your resources reaching your frontline? Do your workers see you as the employer of choice for the hospitality industry?

Why Anthill?

Your hospitality workers manage and serve guests across multiple locations and shift times. Give your frontline the ability to instantly connect with managers on schedule changes or access resources on their own whenever it’s most convenient — on any SMS enabled device.


How Anthill will help you?

  • HIPAA, SOC2 and GDPR compliant
  • Autotranslates into over 110 languages
  • Over 95% adoption rate with frontline workers

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