Manufacturing Communication

Manufacturing employees are notoriously difficult to reach – they work different shifts, in different places and are always on the go. Give them access to two-way communications and HR systems that drive efficiency and yield a more engaged workforce to reduce churn.

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Benefits All Employees Can Leverage

Instant and auditable communications

Auto translates into
over 110 languages

Instant and auditable communications

Decrease costly churn

Enterprise-grade data protection

Intranet access 24/7 on any device

The innovative manufacturing facility you’re building starts with creating an intuitive and dependable communication channel for manufacturing workers across roles and locations. These features can be used on any device with SMS messaging — even a flip phone. Anthill’s inclusive and easy-to-use technology enables manufacturing workers to make scheduling changes, see safety alerts and have access to production processes from the floor or from home. To be a manufacturing industry leader in retaining top talent, you need to meet your workforce where they are with technology that builds trust.

“Investing in technology that aids workers in doing their jobs better is an effective way to stay competitive while simultaneously giving workers a path to a long, rewarding career. With technology that can accelerate every stage of the workforce-building process — attracting, training and retaining workers — manufacturers reduce the obstacles presented by labor challenges.”


Why Anthill?

Manufacturing employees are on their feet all day — putting them at the highest risk for attrition. Breaktime is crucial for these employees’ wellness and recovery. Anthill allows employees to get answers to their questions without cutting into break or production time. Employees are empowered to retrieve effective and organized communication from your team whenever it works best for their schedule.