Drive efficiency and retention with your workforce. Matching grant funding is just an application away.

Apply to win a grant to engage, retain and grow your frontline workforce with Anthill!

Applications Open: January 18, 2023
Applications Close: March 1, 2023

Attracting and retaining your manufacturing* workers continues to get more challenging. But it doesn’t have to be! Communication shouldn’t be a barrier to your workforce.

NETNHub is partnering with Anthill, a two-way communication channel that provides access to software, resources and opportunities that your workers need to be successful - all through text-messaging.

The future of workforce retention is deskless communication and digital enablement. NETNHub is now accepting applications to offer TVA Workforce Invest Matching Grant funding to provide much needed communication access to your manufacturing* workforce with Anthill.

What will this opportunity provide your company and workforce?

12 months of two-way SMS text with each of your employees who opt-in to participate. There’s no charge to your employees.

A breakdown of your communication barriers with 110+ language translations, ensuring each employee receives communication in their preferred language.

A 24/7 channel that establishes a secure, inclusive and trusted relationship with employees whenever and wherever they work. (SOC2, GDPR and HIPAA compliant)

Automated frequently asked questions based on your unique business and the needs of your workforce.

An increase in employee engagement through automated, schedulable campaigns.

Measurable insights into: Worker sentiment Team health scores Turnover drivers Employee usage of systems Opportunities for training and upskilling Employee advancement capabilities

About Anthill

Anthill Saves You Time And Money With Intelligent Insights That Reduce Turnover

Anthill provides a way to measure your organization's performance across 32 key drivers of turnover for frontline workers. You can see a snapshot, by team or department, of the top driver of potential turnover at any given time. Anthill enables employers to speak directly to their workforce and address issues before they result in turnover.

Workforce Engagement

Provide A 24/7 HR Helpdesk To Your Hard-To-Reach Workforce

You've already spent time and money creating benefits and systems to support your employees, but frontline workers must be physically present to do their job - making them the hardest to reach. Anthill's platform allows you to connect your employees to the systems you've already invested in, as well as complete visibility into how many employees are Anthill subscribers and how often they're using it. Conversations are stored so you always have an auditable record of communications. You'll learn what your employees want, their ideas and other potential solutions for on-going opportunities.

Workforce Retention

You've Worked Hard To Find Your Workforce. Anthill Helps you keep Them.

In many organizations, 20-40% of frontline workers will leave within the first 90 days of a new job because of lack of communication with their employer. Issues cited include not being able to get assistance with issues and not being able to get critical questions answered. Anthill directly addresses the communication driver of worker turnover, but if turnover is an area of special importance for your workforce goals, our product can help you identify the other drivers of turnover for your organization which can lead to an even greater reduction in turnover costs.

Workforce Growth

Anthill Helps Grow "Upskill and Reskill Your Vital Workforce Through Its Employee Mobility Insights (BETA)"

Easily build internal resumes with development planning for your deskless workforce. Find the talent in your organization all in one place and learn who is ready for the next move. Create micro-mobility pathways for all of your employees.

  • Subscription Rate

    This is the percentage of our customers’ workforce that uses Anthill

  • Unique Conversations

    This is the average number of unique conversations employees initiate every month

  • Reduction In Turnover

    This is the average amount Anthill decreases turnover in the first 60 days of employment

  • Hours Per Day

    This is the amount of time Anthill saves frontline managers and HR users


Instant and auditable communications

Decrease costly churn

Increase adoption of software and systems

Enterprise-grade data protection

Intranet access 24/7 on any device

Auto translates into over 110 languages

About NETNHub

NETNHub is a collaborative partner, a catalyst for economic development, and a collective regional voice to unite the region and create prosperity for all communities across Northeast Tennessee and surrounding areas.


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*Not In Manufacturing?

Anthill provides access to two-way communications for multiple frontline industries including retail, construction, hospitality, agriculture and medical. Anthill invites All NETNHub businesses who do not qualify for TVA grant funding will receive special NETHub promotional pricing.

To Learn more about special program contact us here.


Corporations or Organizations appling must operate Manufacturing locations in Carter, Hancock, Hawkins, Greene, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi or Washington Countries. Partners will be selected based on completion of application and must include a frontline workforce with 25 or more employees or users (those who work must be physically present to do their job). Program will be evaluated quarterly with upskilling through TCAT or the Northeast State Training Program. Participation must be completed within 12 months of accepted enrollment. Certifications will be provided through NCCER upon completion.