Solutions For Employees That Don't Sit At A Desk

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Give every employee access to opportunity

Anthill helps them:

  • Communicate
  • Engage
  • Contribute
  • Get help
  • Improve safety
  • Develop new skills
  • Share ideas
  • Plan a future
...with YOUR company!
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Manage your employee communications and talent strategy in one place

Understand the needs and skills of your workforce. Drive retention, training, and development
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How does it all work?
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Share a roster of the employees you want to onboard.
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Employees use our SMS texting option or app to get started.
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Send a sign-up link to employees.
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Two-way communication for questions, assistance, safety concerns, skills assessment, reskilling and more. Takes less than a minute per session!
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Enjoy a happier, more connected team
(that stays and grows with YOU)!
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We built a talent management and communication platform specifically for deskless workers.

Anthill is a machine-learning enabled, SMS-based solution built by people scientists to help companies understand and retain deskless employees. Include every employee in your talent management programs and strategies. No desk required.

Key Benefits

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deskless employees

80% of employees don’t sit at a desk and most aren’t included in communications or talent management programs. Anthill allows you to include them in both! (Which means more engaged employees who stay!)

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Gives you actionable insights

There are lots of software options that give you loads of data...but what do you do with it?
Anthill creates actionable insights out of your data - so you can get results faster - without becoming a data scientist!

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Grows with you to create opportunities

Most companies find after establishing regular communications and trust, deskless employees are excited to engage with skill and talent assessments and begin learning how they can grow within the organization.

Available in english and spanish.

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