Tools that help you communicate with workers in their preferred language automatically.


More than 22 million Americans face barriers to employment due to language


About 20% of US workers are immigrants, refugees, and speakers of other languages


Over 66 million Americans speak a language other than English at home


For each retained worker the organization saves over $12,000 per year on average

Make it simple to include speakers of other languages.

Automate the delivery of approved resources and information in over 75 languages.

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Complete Complex Tasks

Make complex tasks more accessible for people by automatically adapting your content, documents, and resources to their preferred language.

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Deliver Coaching & Development

Make it possible to have dialogue around career paths, training, and opportunities that are personalized.

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Gain Actionable Insights

Understand the workforce you are trying to reach and engage. Identify the biggest drivers of success for workers.

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Answer General Questions

Make it easy and low-stakes for people to ask questions and automatically receive responses in their preferred language.

Tools That Make it Simple

Anthill makes it easy to get real time, personalized translation to every end user. You are equipped with a suite of tools that make it simple to communicate, onboard, train, and more in over 75 languages.

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Use what you have

The resources you have already created can be uploaded into your secure AI library to generate auto-replies, campaigns, and more.

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Set it and forget it

Complete a task once and that action can be automatically replicated across all other users with translation into over 75 languages.

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Grow as you go

New users can instantly gain access to your entire library of approved resources in their preferred language. Add new resources or content anytime.

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Anthill is a lifesaver for my team. It’s that simple. When your company grows quickly, retaining workers and establishing personal connections with your employees can seem impossible. For our team, it’s not a struggle to onboard hundreds of people.”

Mary Long
Director of Operations at RemX