Anthill makes your AI solutions possible. 
You choose your data and the use case.
We get your data AI-ready.

The possibilities are endless when your data is AI ready.

With Anthill, imagine: 

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On-Demand Knowledge Access

Access instant knowledge to get answers and perform tasks efficiently.
personalized solutions

Personalized Solutions

From tailored reports to automated approval workflows, enhance your output.
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Insight-Driven Decisions

Identify real-time insights, like operational inefficiencies or compliance risks, to make informed decisions.
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Control of Your AI 

Your AI tools evolve with your data, thanks to ongoing updates and governance.
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Use in Minutes


Use your existing documents and refine for accuracy

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SOC2 Type 2 & GDPR

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Integrate into your existing systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams and the Web

Anthill transforms your data, in any format, into the tooling you need.
Our no-code platform simplifies this process, making it accessible for every non-technical expert.
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How it works

  • Start simple: Upload your data (PDF, Word, PPT, live integrations like Intranet, Drive, Confluence, etc.) securely to Anthill.
  • Secure AI Library: Your data is stored securely, becoming the foundation for your AI tools.
  • AI Preparation: Behind the scenes, we're cleaning, processing, and preparing your data for AI use, ensuring it supports a conversational experience.
  • Human-in-the-Loop: Review and approve AI-generated topics from your data, ensuring accuracy.
  • Endless possibilities: use your AI for no-code tools across your work.
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Anthill is a lifesaver for my team. It’s that simple. When your company grows quickly, retaining workers and establishing personal connections with your employees can seem impossible. For our team, it’s not a struggle to onboard hundreds of people.”

Mary Long
Director of Operations at RemX

The Anthill Difference: 

API-first built platform, integrate with software you use
You own your data and your AI use
Apply AI to practical use cases
Keep data secure & use AI responsibly
No-code, designed for non-technical experts 

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With Anthill, you're not just adapting to the AI era; you're leading it.

Our platform is designed for non-technical experts, ensuring ease of use, security, and powerful integration capabilities.