Our vision is to elevate the work of humans for the AI era.

We accomplish this with responsible AI that unlocks opportunity for the world’s best companies through their knowledge and people.

Anthill was founded in February 2020 by AI experts and people scientists. We see a future where technology elevates human work and economic opportunity for all. We believe an important part of that future is making the transformative power of artificial intelligence accessible to non-technical subject matter experts.

Anthill helps you use AI with your data through a no-code platform built for non-technical experts.

Anthill Community is a research arm of Anthill focused on providing evidence-based recommendations to employers who are committing to supporting their workforce with AI.

We do this work everyday living by our values

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Have a growth mindset.

We understand and operate from first principles. We make data-informed decisions. We seek and apply feedback. We take imperfect action to move us forward and we learn from what works and what doesn’t.

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Play to win.

We are choiceful about our priorities. We take ownership to drive results. We “say the thing you cannot say”. We make the right decision rather than prove we are right.

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Give First.

We give before we expect to receive. We listen to understand, then seek to be understood. We assume positive intent. We build positive, reinforcing loops in all we create. We are thought leaders and pioneers who go first.

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Solve Big Problems.

We wake up every day to do great work and to impact the world. We are problem solvers who play big. We create community and momentum to empower others to solve the problem alongside us. We capture the moment in front of us.

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Do the Right Thing.

We do what we say we will do. We go the extra mile to be in integrity with our team, our customers, and our users. We are human. We put humans first.

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