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About Anthill

We created Anthill to revolutionize work for the people we love.

The Anthill Story

Over 80% of the global workforce doesn’t have a job that happens at a desk or computer. Most of these employees feel disconnected, disposable and their work experience is, well, less than great. These are our family members, friends – and for most of us – ourselves in a previous career.

Industrial-organizational psychologists (aka: people scientists), Muriel Clauson Closs and Young-Jae Kim spent years researching the future of work and machine learning methods specifically designed for deskless workers – who are often the most difficult to engage.

Their research was used to create retention and engagement solutions for companies and organizations around the world. This work culminated in the creation of Anthill in February 2020 in the form of a scalable software that benefited both companies and employees.

Immediately, companies understood the value and impact Anthill could provide to their organizations and we have been in hyper-growth mode since. Today, we have offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Yerevan. And we’re just getting started!

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We are innovating
communication for the deskless workforce




Anthill's inclusive text messaging solution improved retention and engagement for RemX, a national staffing agency. Read this customer story to learn more.

Our Values






Anthill is on a mission to change the workplace for the deskless workforce

Our Mission

We provide organizations the tools they need to treat their deskless workers as well as they treat their knowledge workers.

Anthill has an incredible vision for the future of the deskless workforce.

Our Vision

To change lives by bringing possibilities to the deskless workforce.

Meet our team

Muriel Clauson_Closs Anthill CEO and cofounder
Muriel Clauson Closs Candid Headshot

Muriel Clauson Closs, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO
Young_Jae Kim Anthill CTO and Cofounder Headshot
Young_Jae Kim Candid Headshot

Young-Jae Kim, PhD

Co-Founder, CTO
Alla Awad Headshot
Alla Awad Candid Headshot

Alla Khaireddin

Senior Product Operations Manager
Jennifer Harris_Kroll Headshot
Jennifer Harris_Kroll Candid Headshot

Jennifer Harris-Kroll

Director of Growth
James Brewer Headshot
James Brewer Candid Headshot

James Brewer

Head of Sales
Rajesh Shivakumar Headshot
Rajesh Shivakumar Candid Headshot

Rajesh Shivakumar

Senior Engineer
Sarah Wilson Headshot
Sarah Wilson Candid Headshot

Sarah Wilson

Customer Success Manager
Yannick Massivi Headshot
Yannick Massivi Candid Headshot

Yannick Massivi

Cybersecurity Specialist
Nate Lee Headshot
Nate Lee Candid Headshot

Nate Lee

Senior Account Executive
Elizabeth Doty Headshot
Elizabeth Doty Candid Headshot

Elizabeth Doty

Senior Solutions Consultant
Kevin Calabro Headshot
Kevin Calabro Candid Headshot

Kevin Calabro

Senior Account Executive
Tara Peters Headshot
Tara Peters Candid Headshot

Tara Peters

Strategic communications Manager

Open positions

If you don’t see a role listed that is a fit, you can email us at info@anthill.co.


How Anthill will help you?

  • HIPAA, SOC2 and GDPR compliant
  • Autotranslates into over 110 languages
  • Over 95% adoption rate with frontline workers

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