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Anthill Launches Live Show And Newsletter About The Deskless Workforce


Jennifer Harris-Kroll

Anthill has launched two new thought leadership programs aimed at sharing important information and strategies for working with a deskless workforce.

The Being Deskless Newsletter is a bi-weekly brief that includes a curated round-up of the latest articles about the deskless workforce and two profiles from individuals “in the trenches” – a leader of deskless employees and a deskless employee. These profiles share their personal thoughts and ideas about the needs of the deskless workforce.

Being Deskless LIVE is a bi-weekly live show where our own Jennifer Harris-Kroll interviews experts on the deskless workforce about how individuals and organizations can connect with, engage, retain and grow their deskless employees.

Sign up to receive the newsletter here: https://bit.ly/AnthillNewsletterSignUp

See past volumes here:

Register for the next episode of Being Deskless LIVE here: https://bit.ly/AnthillHopinEvents

See previous episodes here: https://bit.ly/AnthillYouTube

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