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Prepare your enterprise knowledge for scalable, secure, and accessible AI use across your business.

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Your Enterprise Knowledge, AI-ready

The Right Information

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In the Right Place

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At the Right Time

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Is your company ready for AI?

Anthill makes it simple to take your data, in any format, and make it AI ready.

For AI to help you drive business outcomes, it needs your data and a targeted use case. Many companies have experimented with off-the-shelf, point solutions. They’ve learned that the companies that will win in the AI-era are owning their AI foundation now. 

This foundation starts with making your data AI ready. 
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We are the invisible layer that helps you build this foundation. 

Anthill is a no-code platform that makes your data AI ready for business.
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Use in Minutes


Use your existing documents and refine for accuracy

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SOC2 Type 2 & GDPR

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Integrate into your existing systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams and the Web

Real World AI Applications

Driving the results you need in your business

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Operational Insights

Gain real-time insights into operations, employee churn, or any other data-driven question, with answers provided in seconds.

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Empower Everyone

From contractors needing access after hours to managers requiring quick insights, Anthill makes information accessible to all, anytime.

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Continuous Evolution

Data is ever-changing, and Anthill ensures your AI stays current with continuous updates, maintenance, and governance of your data.

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Conversational Access

Integrate with tools like Slack or MS Teams for instant, conversational access to information, streamlining communication, and decision-making.

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We set up a foundation that is tailored to your organization’s data, people, and processes. Our platform is a simplified approach to management and governance of your AI strategy and tooling.